Mop with fringed

Mop with fringed

Product Description

Polyester fabric is used in the pockets where the apparatus enters. It is also supported with washable 1st class kısmas on the back of the mop.
You can use it wıth all plastic and wire apparatus. It has a resistance to 300 washing at 60 degrees in industrial washing machines. It is an ideal product for dry and humid use. thanks to the color code (red-yellow-blue-green) sewed on the back surface of the moop, your product tracking is easy.

The fringes and body of the moop are made of 100% microfiber woven fabric.

Product Size - Product CodeBox DimensionsPieces in a Box
40 cm - 110 Gr MSM 4058x40x30 cm 0,07 m350
50 cm - 130 gr MSM 5058x40x30 cm 0,07 m350
60 cm - 130 Gr MSM 6060x40x40 cm 0,10 m350
80 cm - 170 Gr MSM 8060x40x40 cm 0,10 m350